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Paving the way to financial empowerment, one woman at a time

26 November 2020

Achieving financial independence and living life on their terms remains an unrealized dream of several women across the country. The prevailing pay disparity has not only stunted their growth but also barred them from accomplishing their goals. Women are often side-lined when it comes to managing and dealing with finances. Because of this, their knowledge remains limited about how money works, and, often find themselves in the doldrums when life takes unforeseen turns.
Aiming to break this glass ceiling and enable women, entrepreneur Hena Mehta launched Basis in 2018 - a platform built on sisterhood and dedicated to the financial empowerment of every woman.

About The Platform
Often the lack of technical know-how leaves women struggling with their finances and, managing them appears to be a perverse process. This is where the Basis comes to the rescue. Basis app acts like a personal financial advisor that not only gives customized pieces of advice as per the user's needs but also educates them so that they are capable of making informed decisions.
Basis targets working women from tier 1 and tier 2 cities who are seeking to attain financial independence through a group of experts. These women are salaried, entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers.

What Does Basis Have To Offer?
Whom would you go to for advice, a preachy friend, or the one that walks you through the solution while keeping your needs in mind? The second one, right? Basis is exactly like that friend who has your back when it comes to managing personal finances and walks with you until the very end of it.
With a mix of social media content, in-app learning modules, and blog posts, Basis primarily intends to educate its users to enable them to make informed financial decisions. Basis offers well-researched high-quality financial content that is simple, legible, and jargon-free for better understanding.
They know that one size does not fit all. As our goals and resources are different, so should be the methods of achieving them. At Basis, every customer gets unbiased and customized advice to guided investment plans best suited for them. Step one is to set a goal. With Basis, you can take that first step and nurture them with tailored advice.
What more, you ask? Well, when you join this community, you are in for a treat. Basis collaborates with experts & thought leaders from across industries to organize seminars, corporate workshops, online meet-ups, and more for you to learn from some of the best minds.
Basis is all set to launch its premium service option, Basis First, which gives the customers access to enhanced tools, exclusive 1:1 sessions with experts, and many more to intensify their relationship with money.
The Road Ahead
Since its launch, Basis has expanded into a community of 15,000 users for whom this is a safe space to discuss finances and life in general. The app is available on the Google Play Store. CEO Hena Mehta envisions this platform to grow into a go-to solution for every woman that addresses all her finance-related worries and assists her in emerging as an empowered, independent individual.
Managing personal finances just got easier with Basis, so no more shelving off those investment plans. Take the first step towards your independence today with the Basis app.

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